Sapli solutions

Sapli solutions

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AboutSapli solutions

SAPLI designs and manufactures a wide range of machines for tin cans packaging vacuum-gassing, seaming ans closing processes.

Today, a lot of SAPLI's machines are working around the world. SAPLI designs, lay-out and install complete solutions, to seam and close metal and composite tin cans with or without modified atmosphere option .

SAPLI offers Customers qualified engineering know-how, the highest technology and the greatest productive flexibility.

SAPLI's values:

• The continuous investment in R&D allowed developing and patenting the original seaming and packaging solutions, giving to Sapli an important competitive advantage in quality and features.

• Sapli offers to the Customers complete services and support, including: customized project and equipment engineering; PLC programming; spare parts manufacturing and rapid supply; machine assembling, commissioning and repair; maintenance service in customer's site and training, which is supported by our highly-qualified after sales service.

• The company focuses on custom projects which include turnkey for new plants, modernization of existing production lines or special engineering designs, taking into account the latest standards for health and safety.

• Sapli values are based on the spirit of excellence, creativity and ethics as a way of ensuring customer satisfaction.

Mission :

SAPLI's mission is based on the satisfaction of Customers’ needs, meeting their expectation by means of offering the reliable and innovative products and services. The main goal is the optimization and streamlining of production processes with customized engineering solutions.


SAPLI is working to be the leading manufacturer of vaccum-gassing, seaming, closing and packing systems, which fully satisfy the necessities of the production processes of Customers, creating value and encouraging innovation and continuous improvement.