Sappi Rockwell Solutions

Sappi Rockwell Solutions

Brunel Rd, Dundee DD2 4TG

AboutSappi Rockwell Solutions

Rockwell Solutions is a is a subsidiary of Sappi and based in Dundee, Scotland.

For many years, Rockwell was involved in standard printed packaging, a reasonably simple and generic product category. However, in the late 90’s, the focus turned to actually making a difference to the client – adding functionality, creating new options and possibilities. In other words, giving our clients the added value. Our focus now is almost completely on specialized packaging, and we service many household brands in the food industry. Recently, Rockwell Solutions has invested over £8 million and three years of research and development in the “Rockstar” product line to produce solvent-free lidding for the food packaging market. Seventy meters long, the new machine unit has revolutionized and enlarged the possibilities in production of peelable lidding film for all tray types. It enables heat sealable PET, aluminum and paper, solventless extrusion as well as multiplex laminates. Rockstar enables savings for Rockwell of more than £3m a year, which massively boosts the company’s assets and environmental credentials. By producing sealable lids without using solvent in the coating chemistry, Rockwell can expect raw material and energy savings of around £300,000 per month.

Management Philosophy

  • To provide our customers with innovative and responsive solutions through our world leading lidding-film technologies.
  • To provide challenges and opportunities to our employees, utilizing their skills and encouraging their creativity and individuality.
  • To identify the needs of the present and future, and to meet these needs by being flexible, agile, and dynamic.
  • To establish and fulfil the company's own environmental policy.
  • To manage our business from an international perspective and to develop a strong presence throughout the world.