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Sarco Packaging

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AboutSarco Packaging

We give you customized packaging advice, supply the best machines, take care of all the required maintenance and provide high-quality service. In BeNeLux we are dealer of packaging machines of brands such as Manter, IMA-Ilapak, Pronova, REV, Egatec and Project. In addition to the machines, we also sell the associated packaging materials, so that you are completely unburdened.

Our specialists are happy to give you the right advice

Jaap van der Sar is the founder of Sarco Packaging. His great passion is the world of packaging technology. He became familiar with this from an early age. Father Piet van der Sar already supplied many packaging materials and machines in Jaap's early years. Jaap started his career in the packaging world at Manter in Emmen. After a short foray into the industrial packaging world, in which Jaap also sold Manter machines, he founded Sarco in 2008. His big dream came true: to bring products to a higher level by operating both creatively and professionally. This does not stop with sales alone!

Mark van der Kamp came into contact with the packaging industry 15 years ago and this fascination has never left him. All his experience comes together at Sarco Packaging, where Mark has been working since 2010. With knowledge from the printing world, the weighing industry and foil packaging machines, Mark can provide you with the best advice in many different areas. Within Sarco, Mark is a specialist in the field of the IMA-Ilapak Flowpack solution, IMA-Ilapak Multihead weighers and Egatec end-of-line systems. In addition to machines, Mark is also happy to help you with the choice and manufacture of packaging materials such as (printed) foil.