Scaglia Indeva S.P.A.

Scaglia Indeva S.P.A.

Via Marconi 42, 24012 Brembilla (BG), Italia.

AboutScaglia Indeva S.P.A.

The ant is a tireless and intelligent worker. It is able to lift and carry with ease loads much larger

than itself. This simple analogy represents Scaglia Indeva’s mission to design and produce

industrial manipulators that are compact yet strong, simple yet intelligent, and offer improved

performance whilst reducing the risk of injury and improving workforce wellbeing. A world-leading

manufacturing company in the field of material handling and intra-logistics. Since 1838 this family-

owned company has been at the forefront of manufacturing and is now an important industrial

group with diverse business interests worldwide. Since 1970 Scaglia Indeva has been at the

leading edge of design and manufacture of innovative, ergonomically designed industrial

manipulators that are used by major global manufacturers in varied applications throughout the

world. Worldwide, Scaglia Indeva works with many blue-chip manufacturers across most sectors,

including the leading automotive companies, where innovative and reliable material handling

solutions are required.

Our headquarters are in Val Brembilla - Italy. Our key locations offer a central sales and support

operation, which provides excellent engineering services and supply of spare parts.