Schaefer Technologies

Schaefer Technologies

4901 W. Raymond Street Indianapolis, IN 46241

AboutSchaefer Technologies


Schaefer Technologies, Inc. is an international manufacturer and distributor of quality capsule fill machines, and equipment specialized to fit the needs of the pharmaceutical, health, nutrition, automotive, and manufacturing industries.

Experience and Expertise

Continued growth is essential and allows Schaefer Technologies to stay competitive in today’s various markets. We have provided Pharmaceutical and Nutraceutical capsule fill and finish solutions along with manufacturing solutions in the field of Gaging and Fixturing.

Every task that passes through the doors of Schaefer Technologies benefits from the decades of combined experience of our people. It is a pool of knowledge we draw upon daily.

Good Manufacturing Practices

We at Schaefer Technologies are committed to providing our customers with the best possible equipment and service. Good manufacturing practices (GMPs) ensure that products are safe, effective, and pure. As a machine manufacturer we have been dealing within the Regulatory environment for over 50 years. We will be there to assist you in any way possible with GMP concerns you may have.

Schaefer Technologies' Success

Located in Indianapolis, IN, Schaefer Technologies offers equipment to fit the needs of the Pharmaceutical, Health, Nutrition, Automotive and Manufacturing industries. We stand on our promises and deliver by doing our jobs right the first time. Our experts have been serving satisfied customers for over six decades. We provide sales and technical support for all our machinery along with our European distributors.

The success of Schaefer Technologies stems from the skills of our people. Since our first day, we have focused on maintaining a team that’s ready to respond. Our professionals have the expertise that starts with training and skills polished by experience. Together, time and talent are manifest in the heads and hands of master craftsmen.