Sealpac International bv

Sealpac International bv

Langekamp 2, 3848 DX Harderwijk

AboutSealpac International bv

What started in 1986 as a one-man operation out of a barn in Northern Germany has now turned into a state-of-the art production facility for traysealers and thermoformers. Still located in the North of Germany, in the city of Oldenburg, SEALPAC manufactures hundreds of high-tech packaging machines per year, which are sold through a carefully selected network of distributors around the world.

Supported by Sealpac International, SEALPAC’s export office located in The Netherlands, these distributors, as well as a number of daughter companies, provide project advice, installation, training, maintenance, spare parts and after sales with regard to the SEALPAC equipment at their local customers.

Not to be the biggest supplier in the marketplace, but the best for our customers. That is the SEALPAC claim. So you can rest assured that we will always treat any of your concerns as our top priority. It is why our solutions, be it equipment or packaging concepts, are always based on reliability, flexibility and performance. In short: what you get from us will always be future-resistant. This makes us your partner for life. Would you like proof?

We are a strong and financially healthy, family-owned, German company that is here to stay

Our company is led by an engineer with an eye for top quality, and beyond

The size of our company allows for quick decisions and custom-specific solutions

SEALPAC machines are designed and manufactured by SEALPAC in house, not simply assembled with outsourced parts

Our fully automated traysealers and thermoformers always allow you to adapt to changes in the future. Whether you would like to run a new packaging concept or change the lay-out of your factory, our equipment is easily extended or refurbished without major investments

We have huge quantities of spare parts in stock, which enables us to support you in case of an emergency. In that way we saved several customers after they were hit by a fire or suddenly required extra capacity

We sell our equipment through a network of carefully selected local distributors, which we consider to be part of our family. You will not find a better partner!