IDA Industrial Estate, Courtown Road, Gorey, Co Wexford


Silawrap has been manufactured in Gorey, Co. Wexford since 1996. In excess of 6 million rolls have been sold in Ireland, the UK, mainland Europe, Australia and New Zealand.

To make Silawrap, only 100% virgin raw materials are used. This ensures that Silawrap is the toughest stretch plastic on the market and that it wraps wider on the bale than any other leading brand providing a better seal and giving you better quality silage. Silawrap has proven itself in the toughest of conditions from Finland to Italy and from Ireland to Australia.

All our staff whether in production, sales or product development, are very highly trained and have years of experience in manufacturing Quality Silawrap. That is why we have been accredited with the Guaranteed Quality Logos.

Arguably, the world's most respected silage baling film, Silawrap comes with a 12-month guarantee against UV degradation, features high UV stabilization and provides an airtight and weatherproof shield, when used according to instructions.

Silawrap is available in Black, Green and White.