SK Laser GmbH

SK Laser GmbH

Daimlerring 6 65205 Wiesbaden-Nordenstadt

AboutSK Laser GmbH

SK LASER, based in Wiesbaden, Germany, has been manufacturing laser systems for laser engraving and laser marking since 2005. We produce our lasers in Germany. The main features of our systems are robustness, easy operation and quick setup.

In addition, we also offer laser engraving and laser cutting as a service. As a manufacturer of laser machines, we have a deep knowledge of machines and applications, so that almost every order, no matter if for industry or advertising, can be realized.

 The benchmark for the quality of our products and services is determined by the customer. His judgment is decisive. It is therefore of great importance to us to meet and exceed the current and future requirements and wishes of our customers. To this end, the company management defines the objectives, the direction, and the internal environment of the organisation. It creates the environment for achieving the goals. Decisions are made based on the analysis of data and information.

People play a key role in achieving our goals. We strive to use the skills and knowledge of our employees to the greatest possible benefit of the organisation. Partnerships and cooperation with other companies are central to our actions.

SK LASER is a young, dynamic team in which a friendly and cooperative interaction prevails. Our work should be carried out efficiently and effectively. To achieve this, related means and activities are managed and controlled as a process. Interrelated processes are recognized, understood, and controlled.

The goal of SK LASER is the production of high-quality machines and

Special machines with laser technology for the industry at reasonable prices.

Our permanent goal is continuous improvement