Sleeve Technology B.V.

Sleeve Technology B.V.

Vuurijzer 35 5753 SV Deurne The Netherlands

AboutSleeve Technology B.V.

Sleeve Technology has the solution to all your sleeving needs. Our sleeve application machines are specially designed to suit the customers' individual requirements, but are all based on well proven principles and are equipped with the latest control technology. The machines are reliable, simple to use, flexible and they have an efficiency of almost 100%.

The machines can achieve very high speeds, speed up to 800 b/min is possible. The application machines can handle all kinds of shrink-sleeves materials like PVC, OPS, PET, Alfa film, and thickness of the film between the 20 and 80 micron.

The sleeve applicator machines are designed for full body and partial labeling. We can offer you a complete sleeve application system, or just separate stand-alone units. All units can be integrated in your existing lines or with your existing application machines. Sleeve Technology can take care of the complete integration. Besides new application machines we also do:

- Used sleeving machines, we have some used machines on stock; these will be fully updated and overhauled, and will be supplied with a 1 year warranty. These used machines can be modified on customers' request.

- Trading-in of existing sleeving machines is also possible.

- Spare parts: we can also supply spare parts, product related parts, and service for all sleeving machines.