Stephanos Karydakis S.A

Stephanos Karydakis S.A

Thorikou str Industrial area 190 10 Kalyvia Attica Hellas P.O. BOX 152 Greece

AboutStephanos Karydakis S.A

The printing house Stephanos Karydakis Graphic Arts S.A. has been operating in Athens, Greece for over 50 years. The company has developed its printing expertise mainly in the areas of labels and advanced advertising and promotional applications. The founder, Stephanos Karydakis, has gained a significant reputation for his high quality standards and product innovations in the Greek printing market. This quality-oriented mentality kept our company throughout the years at the top of the Greek printing sector, and has been recognized with European printing awards.

We gained our first foil printing experience almost 15 years ago, first with promotional and communication applications, such as posters, plastic cards and lenticular films. Not much later we recognized the need for polypropylene labeling applications for the plastic injection and blow-moulding industry. That was the time, at which a new technology has been born, the In-Mould-Labeling – IML.

Intensive research of processes and multiple understanding of the characteristics of the different materials are absolutely essential in order to realize and maintain a high degree of consistency in the production of polypropylene labels. The depth of specialization needed for this production, cannot be compared with simple foil printing applications.This know-how has now been transformed to a standard process, performed daily by the companie’s young and enthousiastic staff of 100 specialized members in the 7.800 sqm privately-owned, state-of-the-art printing plant at the industrial area near the Athens international airport, which has been especially designed for the needs of the production of In-Mould-Labels.

The company is certified with ISO 9001, HACCP and BRC.