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Telegan Pressed Products

South Strand Lawford Manningtree Essex CO11 1UP

AboutTelegan Pressed Products

In early 2007 Storeys Industrial Products ceased trading on their Brantham site after over 50 successful years of PVC sheet manufacture. The factory included the only pressed PVC sheet facility left in the UK, so this was a serious blow, not only to the loyal customer base but to the country as a whole which risked losing the skills of the very experienced work force. To try and recover the situation, Telegan Protection Ltd, part of a group that suffered from Storeys’ demise, formed a press products division in Harwich, England and later a separate company was incorporated within the group.

Telegan Pressed Products are a totally new pressed PVC sheet manufacturer located close to the original Brantham facility. Utilising years of expertise acquired manufacturing these products, the team aims to become Europe’s leading manufacturer of pressed PVC sheet.

2017 saw Telegan Pressed Products move to new, purpose built premises in Manningtree, designed to provide the extra capacity required for future and continued expansion. The move was not an insignificant project but brought with it, both production efficiencies and improved working facilities for the entire workforce. The new facility will provide the extra capacity required to expand manufacturing process capabilities and in turn the range of products available.

The pressing process is remarkable in its versatility, allowing a wide range of high quality products to be designed and developed, giving Telegan the ability to supply a diverse assortment of market areas from automotive to medical; from industrial to domestic.

Pressed Sheet products are ideal to meet the requirements of more technically demanding applications, giving our customers more security than they can get using less sophisticated alternatives.

Our largest sheet size (1250x2500mm) gives greater flexibility and scope in the design and realisation of projects and our high quality surface finishes give a visual quality second to none.

This website is designed to show you, the customer, the benefits of Telegan’s materials and help guide you to the product you require.