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Since its founding, Totani Giken Kogyo Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Totani) has devoted itself to manufacturing with the idea of ​​contributing to the environment and energy saving, and is committed to "creating the highest performance products" that can be purchased by everyone around the world. It has been the starting point of manufacturing.

Now, even in the field of packaging made with bag making machines, it is a socially responsible issue how to produce products with high recyclability and reusability with less resources and less energy. While the plastic film bags that are effective in protecting the environment and reducing carbon dioxide emissions are attracting public attention, Totani not only provides bag making machines, but also is effective in saving resources, energy, and reducing the burden on the environment. We have developed our own "square bottom bag (box pouch)" and are focusing on its widespread use.
Human resources support these advanced manufacturing initiatives. I think "technology remains in people". And I would like to continue to create and retain new technologies. To that end, we have set "taking good care of people" as the most important issue in our management strategy, and aim to be a workplace that is rewarding for employees and a company that can be proud and enjoyable.

Based on this philosophy of "human-centered management," Totani's management policy is

Human-centered management

  • "Manufacturing" that contributes to solving environmental and energy problems
  • Eliminate waste and create true value yourself
  • Always aim for the highest performance with our proprietary technology that does not imitate
  • Develop technology that will lead to future "manufacturing" rather than pursuing immediate profits
  • Protect the brand and protect the trust with a fair corporate stance both inside and outside the company
  • Delegate authority and reduce management in a flat organization

It is a policy. As a manager, I believe that it is an important responsibility as a manager to provide employees with a work environment where they can feel the fun and pride of manufacturing and work hard toward their goals.

Totani's important management policy is to emphasize relationships of trust and to do fair work.

At Totani, even machines that are more than 30 years old are being repaired, maintained, and refurbished to improve safety. At first glance, this is an extra cost that puts pressure on profits, and many companies tend to cut such extra costs.
However, although cutting these costs will temporarily improve business performance, it may lead to a decline in trust as a company in the long run. Especially in niche industries such as bag making machines, it is important to foster strong trust with our customers. In our technical service department, we are often contacted by customers by appointing a person in charge, and our employees are proud of it. It is unlikely that such a relationship of trust can be built in management that emphasizes efficiency. At the same time, "work that does not lie" to cooperating companies is also Totani's major management policy. I believe that this corporate stance and human-centered management philosophy will be the seeds for growth as a company that makes machines that are useful to the world and a company that is useful to the world.

We would like to continue to take on new challenges as a company that can contribute to the world.

Totani has consistently refined the technology of bag making machine development, reduced film loss and improved bag making speed. At the same time, it is hard to break, easy to maintain, and we are making improvements so that we can continue production activities. Needless to say, these also contribute to reducing wasted energy loss during production.

The bags produced by our bag making machines have excellent long-term storage and are social necessities that contribute to medical care and health and safety. We are helping people all over the world while maintaining high quality and high productivity. In the future, we will work with companies in other fields to research film materials in order to further enhance our social contribution.
Originally, Totani was not a manufacturer of bag making machines. When it was founded in 1952, it was a manufacturer and seller of marine product processing machines, but it was a "challenge" to develop and manufacture bag making machines because it was requested to repair German bag making machines. I started. After that, we released a series of domestically produced laminated bag making machines, the world's first retort bag making machine, the world's first 3-servo / variable seal control method international patented bag making machine, and our own box pouch bag making machine. I will reach you.

Totani's bag-making technology is attracting attention as there are offers from companies in different fields for joint development of the high-speed processing control technology for thin plastic films required for bag-making machines. We will continue to research and develop as the world's top company that produces products that cannot be imitated anywhere, with the basic technology that we have accumulated.