Triangle Technologies, Inc.

Triangle Technologies, Inc.

687 Bonded Parkway Streamwood, IL 60107

AboutTriangle Technologies, Inc.

Triangle Technologies, Inc. (TTI) was established to meet the requirements in the industrial and commercial market with a product line of Strapping Heads, Strap Dispensers, Strap Choppers and Small Hand Tools for the application of flat steel and plastic strapping. We support all of our products with our own engineering and technical resources for training, maintenance and repair services.

TTI and its associates have hands-on working knowledge of strapping and packaging equipment that collectively exceeds 75 years. Two engineering managers, two service managers and a senior design engineer, all former employees of a major strapping company, combine to give us an in-depth expertise with our products that are unmatched in the industry.

TTI also provides engineering and technical consulting services for design/build projects. We understand our clients' needs for single source responsibility and readily accept that role. TTI designs and integrates strapping systems, automation systems, tooling, fixtures, specialty machines and equipment. TTI will also fabricate, machine, manufacture and assemble parts, components or systems - from client-supplied drawings and designs. Simplicity of design and continuous innovative improvement ensure products that are truly value for the dollar. With clients in the US, Canada, Great Britain and Europe, our commitment to service and excellence has achieved international acceptance.