Varo Specialmaskiner A / S

Varo Specialmaskiner A / S

Sletten 8 8543 Hornslet Denmark

AboutVaro Specialmaskiner A / S

VARO develops equipment that streamlines production and creates uniform quality products. We have made machines since 1935 and know how to make the most optimal solutions.

COMPETENCES At VARO, we have a wide range of competences under the same roof. This means that we can efficiently and professionally handle your project from analysis and idea development to construction, assembly and installation. In other words, we have both the ideas and the employees who can put them into practice.

SOLUTIONS VARO makes both special and standard solutions. Our special solutions are for the unique production processes where standard equipment does not strike. It can be a simple function or a complex production process. Our standard equipment is quality solutions based on proven technologies and processes.

BRANCHER Over the years, we have delivered solutions to a wide range of industries. In recent years, we have had a great deal of activity within the life science, the food industry and the non-food industry , which has put the bar high for our product development. Whatever the industry, we are always ready for a talk about what we can help you with. At VARO, we are primarily thinking about functions, technology and solutions.