Votech b.v.

Votech b.v.

Hamelendijk 4 5541 RA Reusel

AboutVotech b.v.

When Quality Matters…

Votech was founded in 2011 by Rolf Michiels (Sales), Pierre Dierckx (Finance) and Peter Vissers (Engineering). Together they have more than 100 years of experience in the packaging industry, enabling them to offer consultation tailored to your issue.


Thanks to our experience and short lines we are able to shift gear quickly and offer you the best suitable solution for all your issues. We know what is and what is not practically feasible, so we can make clear agreements with our clients and rule out any surprises further down the line.

Service 24/7

Our machines maintain their high quality by delivering good service. Like no other we know you want immediate support at the occurrence of a problem or malfunction. Our service ensures that production will continue as soon as possible.

Customized solutions

Votech specializes in developing bag filling machines, palletizer machines, stretch hood machines and transport systems. We can provide you with a complete packaging line from the filling of a bag through to the internal pallet transport to the warehouse. The installation of your packaging line will be efficient, because you can request our support for all your issues.