Wepackit, INC

Wepackit, INC

6140 Duquesne Dr Ste B, Atlanta, GA 30336

AboutWepackit, INC

Founded in 2008, Wepackit, Inc. has quickly become a trusted third-party logistics and industrial packaging source for many of the nation’s leading brands. Our turnkey, diverse services ensure our clients need to look no further than us for all of their contract industrial packaging, fulfillment and distribution needs.

As an owner-operated contract packaging company, we understand that if your product is sitting anywhere other than on a retailer’s shelf or not ready to ship for online orders, you are losing time, money and potential customers. Our full-service capabilities range from package design and labeling to compounding and filling to distribution. This allows us to become a reliable extension of your business to get your products into customers’ hands quickly, accurately and dependably.

From tight deadlines and short turnaround times to small sample orders and multi-million piece runs, Wepackit has the expertise and flexibility to fulfill all of our clients’ needs. With two facilities and a strong line of machines and production capabilities, Wepackit offers end-to-end project management and unparalleled customer service and quality.


Wepackit continues to stay abreast of the most state-of-the-art concepts, including upgrading our computer systems to using a data system called Nulogy. Nulogy ensures our customer the highest quality of customer service providing real time production numbers and current inventories.

Wepackit Machinery Department provides our customers support with their specific individual needs, such as adjusting equipment to support unique bottle styles and more.


We are proud to be involved in many different community services projects and organizations, including supporting the non-profit, Maximum Impact Love, whose strives to shelter the poor, save lives, and do all they can to help one another.