Zecher GmbH

Zecher GmbH

Görlitzer Str.2, Paderborn - D-33098, GERMANY

AboutZecher GmbH

Having 70 years of experience in the production of anilox rollers, Zecher GmbH manufactures premium anilox rollers and sleeves at its four sites in Paderborn (Germany). The company strives to provide continuous developments and innovations in the field of printing technology.

Zecher provides high  quality print applications laying various multitudes of services and  consulting features such as print analysis, measuring and cleaning of anilox rollers. Zecher works with leading machine manufacturers and end-users in the areas of label printing, flexible packaging, offset, coating and corrugated cardboard.

Facts about the company:

  • More than 70 years of experience in the field of anilox rollers 
  • More than 170 employees
  • Four production plants
  • Annual turnover in excess of €23million
  • Production of around 12,000 anilox rollers annually
  • Seventeen laser-engraving unites, ten mechanical laser-engraving units

Zecher’s anilox rollers are used in printing machines across the globe. The production takes place exclusively in Germany and follows strict in-house quality standards. At the same time Zecher focuses on an international sales strategy. The company provides a wide range of anilox roller solutions and additional services, which can be adapted to the requirements of the esteemed clients