Zeus Petruzalek

Zeus Petruzalek

Gewerbepark Mitterfeld 8 2523 Tattendorf

AboutZeus Petruzalek

With 60 years of experience, Zeus Petruzalek is today one of the most qualified trading company in food packaging solutions. We offer a wide choice of food packaging products including, trays, films, bags, cups, hygienic aids and food packaging machines

As part of Zeus Group, Petruzalek operates in 13 European countries with its own subsidiaries.


WE ARE a unique and homogeneous company, with dedicated local teams in several Central and Eastern European countries.

WE ARE an efficient partner of the Retail, Distribution, HoReCa and Food industries providing innovative solutions; food packaging materials, packaging and processing machines, spare parts, and technical service with a continuous effort to satisfy the needs of our customers.

WE ARE a lean structure with an efficient supply chain, integrated production facilities and continuous research for new sustainable solutions, for a close link between customers and the market.


Expanding our presence in the fast growing Eastern countries and reaching new markets.

Becoming the leading group of trading companies in food packaging in Europe and beyond.

Anticipating the market needs and trends, and enhancing our product portfolio with sustainable solutions.

Taking all appropriate measures for the proper and continuous improvement of the quality of the service to meet and exceed clients’ expectations.