Brand Package Realization™ Company, ByQuest Enables Companies To Stand Out By Using Innovative Bottle Designs Made From Highly Sustainable Glass

5 June 2020

MILLBURN, N.J., June 3, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- ByQuest introduces two new glass bottle collections for the spirits and wine industry that are challenging conventional norms in the glass bottle business. The collections feature highly distinctive bottle designs and manufacturing processes that allow for optimal sustainability. "THE UNSTANDARD® Vintage Forward" collection of bottles has a vintage look that is reminiscent of historical bottles from the 1800's while featuring new sustainability attributes. The other collection, "Wildly Crafted®," is inspired by small-batch craft and artisan spirits and made with a process that celebrates artistic imperfections, which increases sustainability attributes.

"As we celebrate our 20th anniversary, we noticed an acute need to help customers stand out by capitalizing on both innovative designs and bringing new, tangible sustainability solutions to glass bottles," said Ingrid Cornehl, ByQuest CEO. "Both new collections have fully embraced sustainability attributes. Small batch manufacturing helps us deliver these collections with up to 100% recycled glass. For many, small batch is becoming the new symbol of luxury, where less-is-more, which is highly relevant and desirable for today's customer."

The Unstandard Vintage Forward collection is available in four different profiles: The Porter, The Druggist, The Torpedo and The Mallet. A common "3-Ring" neck design ties the line together with cohesive modularity that allows one brand with multiple varietals to take advantage of different bottle profiles, yet still have a cohesive brand look. Sustainability features include being light weight, which reduces the carbon footprint from the moment it's made because it uses less material with a multiplier benefit using less energy to make and less fuel to ship throughout the supply chain. The other important sustainability feature is that these bottles come in two different types of glass. Clear flint is made at one of the most environmentally responsible glass plants in the world, which utilizes 100% renewable energy and employs a highly advanced waste heat recovery system to heat buildings and an award-winning Tropical Greenhouse in Bavaria. The other type of glass is 100% Pure Recycled made in North America. Either type of glass can be transformed into virtually any color, thanks to ByQuest multifaceted decorating capabilities.

The Wildly Crafted collection is inspired by the growing craft and artisanal market, in which small-batch production is driven by highly passionate experts. This collection couldn't have come at a better time for the Craft market which needs something new right now. These have a handmade appeal that embraces the idea that imperfections in the manufacturing process are a good thing. It simply makes more economic and eco-sustainable sense to tolerate imperfections and reduce waste. There are four bottle profiles in this collection: Primal, Natural, Brave, Bobber (and Bobber Junior). Each bottle is subtlety branded with the embossed name, "Wildly Crafted" at the base, which serves as an ingredient-brand that brings a sustainability lift to every host-brand that adopts the collection. Wildly Crafted comes in two versions of 100% recycled glass: Wild Color (a greenish hue) and 100% Pure Recycled. Two other colors, Amber and Antico (antique leaf), feature a very high composition of recycled glass. Wildly Crafted is a joint venture between ByQuest and Estal.

"For decades, our industry has romanticized super clear bottles with heavy weight as the definition of premium. Going forward, consumers who buy into the idea that every purchase decision can positively or negatively impact climate will redefine this bottle preference. We believe that the new standard (and the glass of choice) will be bottles with a light-weight and the inconsistent look of recycled glass," said Dennis Sones, ByQuest VP Sales and Marketing.

Both The Unstandard Vintage Forward and Wildly Crafted bottles are available now and stocked at ByQuest facilities in Kentucky and California. "We are making the collection very accessible by having these on-hand, in-stock, and with a low minimum order quantity at affordable prices," said Amit Chaubal, ByQuest VP of Supply Chain.


ByQuest is the Brand Package Realization company that leads the industry by continually innovating design, glass and decorating technologies. Our sole mission is focused on one goal: TO MAKE YOUR BRAND STAND OUT. We are the industry leader in environmentally safe and durable direct-to-glass screen printing and coatings and now offers a broad glass portfolio of sustainable solutions. Our vision is to enhance brand value through the creation of impactful visual identity. We serve the biggest and most innovative brands in the industry with full-service facilities along the Bourbon Trail in Kentucky and in Northern California's Wine Country. Learn more at

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