20,000 Ditch Cotton Swabs in Favor of Genius Danish Invention

21 May 2019

STOCKHOLM, May 21, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- In just one month, appx. 20,000 people have said goodbye to their single-use cotton swabs and replaced it with the reusable LastSwab in a stunning Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign by a Danish design trio. Following a flying start, the Danes have accepted an invitation from to continue campaigning whilst setting their sights on global retail.

Press release, Frandsen & Aagaard ApS: Every single day, 1,500,000,000 cotton swabs are produced. Frighteningly, these are just the tip of the iceberg of billions and billions of other single-use plastic products that humans consume on a daily basis. But recently, three Danish designers Nicolas Aagaard, Isabel Aagaard and Kåre Frandsen gave their bid on a solution to combat the problem by launching the reusable cotton swab LastSwab on the crowdfundingplatform - a campaign, which as of Thursday, May17 had raised a staggering USD700,000:

"This started as quite the passion project and a way to test whether people are willing to replace simple single-use products with reusable ones  and they sure are! It has been an overwhelming success and the feedback has been extremely positive. We now know that this concept works and that many people are looking for ways to reduce their plastic pollution, while still being able to use everyday products," says Isabel Aagaard about the success.

The tip of the cotton spear

Now that the three Danish designers have struck a nerve among responsible consumers, who want to change their habits in a more environmental friendly direction, LastSwab have accepted an invitation from to continue campaigning whilst setting their sights on global retail. Meanwhile, the Danish trio state that the reusable cotton swab is only the first of many products that will be transformed from single-use to reusable:

"This is only the beginning of a larger dream and plan. LastSwab has just been the tip of the spear for opening people's ears towards changing how we view and consume reusable products. We plan on a wide array of products which will be sold around the world at major retailers - and while working towards this, we continue our campaign on the renowned crowdfunding platform Indiegogo so that everyone else will be able to replace polluting plastic products with reusable ones that keeps the ocean free from plastic", states Isabel Aagaard, who says that the price difference for two LastSwab's will only be few percent off from the original Kickstarter campaign price.

Single-use plastic EU ban from 2021

But LastSwab and their backers aren't the only ones who want to put an end to single-use plastic products and start saving the over 1,000,000 million sea creatures who are estimated to be killed every year by plastic in the ocean. Just this spring, the EU parliament passed legislation to ban single-use plastic items like straws, cutlery and cotton swabs by 2021. Something that LastSwab sees as clear indicator of how the times are changing:

"The fact that this kind of legislation has been passed so quickly by the EU shows how urgent the problem is. At LastSwab, we truly believe that single-use plastic is a thing of the past and something our grandchildren will laugh at in disbelief. And the overwhelming success of something as seemingly indifferent as a reusable cotton swab shows how willing people are to change this bad habit of resource waste", ends Isabel Aagaard, adding that the LastSwab campaign on Indiegogo will run until July 15, 2019.

- Frandsen & Aagaard ApS, 20/5/19 

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