Btab Group Revitalizes Global Ecommerce Operation with Biodegradable and Recyclable Packaging Materials

22 June 2021

Sustainable packaging has become a growing priority for customers, despite the ongoing pressures of the Covid-19 pandemic. With more and more people seeking to reduce their environmental footprint, 67% of consumers state they consider recyclable packaging an important component of the products they buy (Trivium & Boston Consulting Group).

To make a real and sustainable change, Btab will now be using biodegradable and recycled packaging materials for ecommerce fulfilment. In addition, the company is actively encouraging manufacturers and suppliers within its network to also adopt a recyclable, biodegradable approach. With further plans to invest in greener, recyclable plastic manufacturing projects following the company's listing on the US stock exchange – an event anticipated this year – Btab is continuously striving to meet the needs of sustainability, playing an important role in the bioplastics industry.

This role includes developing advanced, resilient biodegradable packaging which integrates seamlessly into existing recycling systems. The packaging is crafted from in-house manufactured bioplastic which uses renewable feedstock, signifying Btab's continuous innovation in planet-friendly tech. The plastic can be used in many different consumer products, as well as packaging, medical devices and even agriculture – helping to create a more sustainable future.

"Btab has a large global network of manufacturers and suppliers," says Binson Lau, CEO of Btab Group. "We believe everyone plays an important role in making the changes needed to protect our environment. The government in many countries has already started to ban single-use plastics, an important step to curb pollution and environmental issues. Now, Btab is taking the lead by making a positive change. Upgrading our packaging materials to biodegradable and recyclable alternatives is a huge contribution to our planet, and will improve the environment we all live in."

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About Btab Group:
Btab was founded to assist aspiring business owners, using the Btab Network. The company vision is to provide all small and medium-sized businesses with an equal opportunity to improve, using the same online technology that is utilized by large multinationals. Btab ensures online technology is within the reach of growing businesses, with a strong commitment to improving society through ethical business activities and a strong contribution to environmental development and communities.  

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