Fiery DFEs Power Flagship RICOH ProTM C9500, Redefining Digital Print Performance

17 August 2023

Fiery, LLC and Ricoh Europe have expanded their long-term partnership with the launch of two new Fiery® digital front ends (DFEs) for the new RICOH Pro C9500 digital color sheetfed press. The Fiery servers are the exclusive DFEs driving the RICOH Pro C9500, providing customers with unparalleled digital print performance to elevate productivity, improve quality, and automate workflows for greater labor savings.

RICOH Pro C9500 customers have a choice of Fiery Color Controller N-70, based on the high-performance Fiery NX Premium platform, or Fiery Color Controller N-50, based on the Fiery NX Pro platform. Both are based on Fiery FS500 Pro software.

“Our clients have come to depend on the exceptional performance delivered by Fiery DFEs, and that’s why we have partnered again with Fiery as the core DFE provider for our next-generation sheetfed presses," said Eef de Ridder, Vice President, Graphic Communications Group, Ricoh Europe. "Our long-term and close collaboration with Fiery in the development of DFEs optimised for use exclusively with Ricoh digital presses has been an important factor in the overall success of our digital printing portfolio. With these two new Fiery DFEs, we have deepened the level of co-creation, enabling the increasingly productive digital printing solutions that our clients require."

Key features include:

Significant speed boost. Both Fiery servers process files more than 20% faster than their predecessors. Plus, Fiery Color Controller N-70, with built-in Fiery HyperRIP™ technology, delivers maximum horsepower to process multiple jobs simultaneously or, for large files, split a job into multiple parts across multiple RIPs. This enables operators to turn jobs around faster, optimize press capacity, and accept additional work to boost revenue.

Faster job setup. Save hours per week of valuable production time with built-in Fiery features. The award-winning Fiery JobExpert intelligent automation technology leverages advanced proprietary algorithms to reduce job setup time by automatically analyzing and selecting the right color and imaging settings. With Fiery JobFlow Base, customers can set up one click workflows that automate job submission and other job prep tasks for ready-to-print files. And, with the included Fiery Impose, users can automate imposition tasks and apply templates for offline finishers from Duplo, Graphic Whizard, MBM, Horizon, Morgana, Standard, and Plockmatic, eliminating manual data entry and setup, saving up to 70% in job prep time.

More efficient media management. Media Catalog makes media management a breeze by enabling a single entry for a media type, grouping multiple sizes together, and automatically applying calibration and color profiles to all.

Less waste, more sellable prints. Fiery Color Controller N-70 comes standard with Fiery Graphic Arts Pro Package, which ensures every print is sellable with tools to make late-stage edits right at the DFE, identifying and correcting print problems before they lead to rejected jobs and waste.

Accurate, consistent color. Integration with the Pro C9500’s inline sensor enables automated color calibration for increased operator productivity and color consistency. Built-in Fiery Edge factory profiles ensure the best out-of-the-box color. Plus, Fiery Color Controller N-70 includes Fiery Spot Pro, which provides customers with the advanced tools they need to address the most demanding brand color reproduction requirements.
Seamless integration. Customers can establish broad, business-wide integration with industry standard MIS or Web-to-print solutions using Fiery JDF, or rapidly develop live, bi-directional integration with homegrown software or web services for their unique workflow automation needs using Fiery API.

"Ricoh continues to advance its digital press portfolio and pairing the new RICOH Pro C9500 with a high-value Fiery DFE is an unbeatable combination that helps reduce labor costs, improve output quality, and cut job turnaround times," said John Henze, vice president, sales and marketing. "With Fiery DFEs, customers can maximize their investment in new presses for increased profitability while ensuring the highest quality and accuracy the first time, every time."

The Fiery Driven™ RICOH Pro C9500 is available from Ricoh and/or its authorized dealers or distributors. For more information about Fiery digital front end and digital print workflow solutions, visit

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