Graco InvisiPac HM10 Brings Improved Profitability, Reliability and Safety to End-of-Line Packaging

23 August 2023

Graco Inc. a leading manufacturer of fluid handling equipment, introduces the InvisiPac® HM10. With a 10 pound (4.5 kilogram) per hour hot melt rate, the hot melt adhesive dispense system brings improved profitability, reliability and safety to case and carton packaging.

“The HM10 complements our proven middle to high volume hot melters, making our proprietary Tank-Free™ melt-on-demand technology available to packaging lines of any volume at any speed,” said Wendy Hartley, global product manager for packaging in Graco’s Industrial Division.

Like the InvisiPac HM25c and HM50, the newest member of the InvisiPac family:

  • takes only 10 minutes to start up, speeding up productivity while conserving energy and reducing waste
  • improves workplace safety because there are no hot tanks or heated components
  • eliminates charring and thermal shock by operating on a first-in first-out (FIFO) principle that keeps hot melt adhesive at the required temperature and viscosity as it moves to the point of dispense

The InvisiPac HM10 also:

  • gives packaging line operators and maintenance technicians easy visibility and control of adhesive usage through an intuitive touchscreen
  • saves space at the end of any packaging line because its on-board hopper stores 20 lbs. of hot melt pellets within the unit
  • makes it easy to fill and keep track of the pellet level through a clear lid

“We added those unique features based on feedback from operators and technicians,” said Hartley.

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