Holistic Lifestyle Coach Luke Coutinho Launches a Free E-book - a New Way of Living, to Help Readers Discover the Wellness Route

1 December 2020

Business Wire India

A New Way of Living - Circadian Rhythm
A New Way of Living - Circadian Rhythm

  • A wellness-focused virtual read aiming to bring the body in harmony with nature
  • An insightful and inspiring read to modify your lifestyle in accordance with the circadian rhythm
  • Second-in-line as a free book to the world emphasizing on holistic health and wellness
Luke Coutinho, a globally renowned Holistic Lifestyle Coach and an expert in Integrative Medicine has recently launched his second e-book ‘A New Way of Living’ as a free gift to India and the world. Being authored by the wellness aficionado himself, this book emphasizes the intelligence of our bodies in connection with nature.

Luke’s previous e-book ‘The Magic Immunity Pill – Lifestyle’ with Shilpa Shetty, that was also a free gift to the readers, has crossed 60k+ downloads since its launch and is a huge success across India and overseas. Joining the bandwagon of books on healthy lifestyle is - A New Way of Living, an e-book- that has already garnered over 50K+ downloads from all across the globe within the first hour of its release.

The goal of the book is to highlight the importance of syncing your body's internal clock - the circadian rhythm and also mentions guidelines to be followed for being in harmony with nature. This virtual read is insightful and inspiring as it has positive stories and feedbacks from people who have embraced this way of living and seen phenomenal changes in their health and well-being. The book gives you an insight on each of these guidelines, along with scientific explanations. Adding a non-fictional touch to the book is a chapter dedicated to night-shift workers who due to their jobs, struggle to live according to the circadian cycle.

Through years of experience as a holistic lifestyle coach, Luke’s proficiency as a wellness leader has provided him with transformational tools to assist people in making the necessary lifestyle modifications. A New Way of Living emphasizes on the significance of having a strong immunity and uses it as a catalyst to make lifestyle changes for living within the boundaries and laws of nature. Through this book, Luke encourages readers to make an effort to sync back the body that has been operating outside the laws of the nature.

Luke’s backend coaching complements each chapter of the book thus aiding the readers with transformational tools that will change their life.

According to Luke Coutinho, Holistic Lifestyle Coach, Integrative Medicine, “Through the launch of A New Way of Living, we aim to help masses regain their health in the most effortless ways by operating within the laws of nature. The outside environment that controls our inner setting is the body’s intelligence that exists in the trillions of cells present in our body. During and post-pandemic times, the way forward is to live according to the ‘new way of living’- circadian rhythm. This book is all about bringing our health and lifestyle in tandem with nature. We need to align all that we do, according to the circadian rhythm to help restore, regain and reset our health in a massive way.’’About Luke Coutinho Holistic Healing Systems Pvt. Ltd.

Luke Coutinho Holistic Healing Systems Pvt. Ltd. focuses on integrative and preventative health care using lifestyle, with its team of medical doctors, nutritionists, clinical dietetics, emotional counsellors, lifestyle experts, yoga therapists, and elite trainers practising across the globe. Through personal consults and programs on health and wellness, condition management and supplementary cancer care, the integrative team works towards identifying the root cause of a particular health condition and helps people suffering from lifestyle-driven illnesses to reduce their pain and improve the quality of life. The Company has its main presence across India, Dubai, Middle East, Africa, the U.K., and the U.S. and its ecosystem includes building sustainable and healthy food chains across India.