Impress Communications Leads Packaging Innovation in California

1 November 2022

Impress Communications continues to pave the way in packaging with new sustainable solutions and full-service offerings, making it one of the rare few that can do it all.

Based in Los Angeles, California, this SoCal business is fully immersed in creating a cohesive brand experience for its clients. A solutions-driven team ensure that every project is brought to life with standout results - whether it's a label, turned-edge box, secondary packaging, banner, or helping a brand transition to fully sustainable Enviro+ Paper Board packaging. Visual identity, from conceptualization to the final tangible product, is taken care of with utmost thoughtfulness and expertise.

"We knew from the beginning that we had to be a comprehensive creative solutions center," says Impress Communications' CEO, Paul Marino. "Impress takes care of the complete packaging process, so brands have full visibility and control of their vision. There's no middleman or multiple vendors involved to finish one project."

He emphasizes how Impress isn't "just a packaging company," adding how it embodies a forward-minded and big-picture perspective through its unique approach. Well-roundedness is part of the company's strategy in making communication a success.

"Our 360° services guarantee the best possible experience not only for our clients but also for their customers," Marino says. "If you come to us not knowing where to start, we're here for you."

It's no surprise that clients turn to Impress for creative solutions. Any brand color can be matched (perfectly, Marino adds; there's no such thing as "close enough" or making Impress clients settle for less), and every ask is possible. Whatever is required — labels, corrugated and E-flute boxes, vacuum trays, short-run digital printing, branded merchandise, or gift-with-purchase accessories — is promptly delivered.

"Anything you could dream of customizing for your brand packaging, we've got," Marino says. "And if for whatever reason we don't, we'll make it happen and do it better than the rest."


Impress Communications is an industry trendsetter whose commitment to the environment inspires initiatives that are consistently in the interest of humankind. From state-of-the-art packaging engineering to dedicated logistics solutions, Impress Communications boasts decades of experience serving various industries — including e-commerce, cosmetics, food, and pharmaceutical brands.