Neenah, Inc. Expands DISPERSA® Product Line to Include DISPERSA® DT for Direct Thermal Printing

14 July 2021

Neenah, Inc., a leading global manufacturer of materials focused on filtration media, specialty coatings, engineered materials as well as imaging and packaging, announced the expansion of their popular DISPERSA® product line into the direct thermal print market. An innovative extension to their water-dispersible DISPERSA portfolio, the market launch of DISPERSA DT meets customer demand for sustainable print solutions and is used in applications such as food rotation labels and reusable plastic container labels.

The innovative technology developed for the paper-based DISPERSA line allows for the paper, along with the direct thermal print coat and any handwritten or imprinted graphics to disperse in the presence of water. Manufactured in North America offering convenient sourcing logistics for their customers, the DISPERSA product looks, feels, and tears just like ordinary paper.

Knowing that direct thermal printing customers are focused on sustainable solutions, Neenah’s research and development team created a direct thermal coating specific to DISPERSA that is less abrasive than other direct thermal coatings. “In direct thermal printing, media selection has a direct impact on the life of the print head. Our proprietary direct thermal coating contributes to less coating residue build-up on the print heads and more life out of your equipment,” says Kelli Clark, Label Product Manager for Neenah.

“The absence of ribbons and other consumables combined with the smaller footprint of direct thermal printers matches the sustainability pillar on which DISPERSA stands. We work closely with customers to understand their needs, and as a result, products like DISPERSA DT become a reality,” concludes Clark.

The entire DISPERSA product line of labels, tags, and pouches is designed for functionality with sustainability in mind. All products, including DISPERSA DT, are made with FSC® controlled fibers, and several of the products have been tested for flushability and bio-based content.

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