Neenah, Inc. Introduces RECYCOTAPE™, A 100% Recyclable Packaging Tape Backing

17 August 2021

Neenah, Inc. adds the first of its kind, environmentally forward RECYCOTAPE™ tape backing to its sustainable product offering. Consumers can now recycle shipping or packaging boxes sealed with RECYCOTAPE, as this unique packaging tape backing will break down along with the box during the recycling process.

RECYCOTAPE is uniquely made from FSC® certified, sustainably sourced fibers that easily re-pulp and allow coating removal during the recycling process. As a result, these base papers can provide usable fiber to reprocess into new paper.

“There is a growing interest in the market for an environmentally friendly alternative to traditional packaging tapes and a viable replacement for plastic-based, non-recyclable tapes used to seal corrugated boxes. RECYCOTAPE is both,” says Chris Boothby, Tape Product Manager for Neenah.

"Neenah leads the market in custom performance tape backings for standard and customer-specific packaging tape applications. RECYCOTAPE is everything that customers expect from Neenah; high tensile strength, premium printability, superior extensibility, and sustainably manufactured. We’re excited to now meet consumer demand with a state-of-the-art tape backing product that performs beautifully without compromising the environment,” concludes Boothby.

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Chris Boothby
Product Marketing Manager
Ph: +1-678-518-3245