Nexus Startup Hub and Digit Tie-up to Promote Indian Startups

25 September 2020

Business Wire India

#IndiaProject - Together we can help promote truly Indian innovations and entrepreneurs
#IndiaProject - Together we can help promote truly Indian innovations and entrepreneurs

Nexus Startup Hub (a collaboration between the U.S. Embassy, New Delhi and ACIR), and Digit (India's most popular technology media brand), announced today that they have tied-up to provide free promotional support to Indian startups that are a part of the Nexus incubator program, as a way of promoting Indian entrepreneurs, and building a future of truly Indian success stories. The collaboration was announced in the cover story of Digit magazine’s September Issue, and was also announced on their website at
The tie-up will result in all of the startups mentored by the Nexus Startup Hub receiving free promotions on Digit’s platforms worth 1.5 million rupees, via Digit’s #IndiaProject initiative.
Erik Azulay, Director, ACIR said, “We are very excited about launching this partnership between Nexus, India's premier business incubator and Digit, India's most popular technology media brand. Working together on the #IndiaProject program, we will be able to promote promising Indian technology startups on a platform designed to connect with the top movers and shakers in the tech community.” 
Vikas Gupta, Publisher and Editorial Director of Digit and Founder of 9.9 Group, said, “As a truly Indian success story itself, Digit is thrilled that we have found a way to give back to Indian startups and Indian entrepreneurs. We are extremely excited to be partnering with the brilliant Nexus initiative by ACIR, as they also are working hard to support Indian innovation, for completely free. We want to contribute to this with the #IndiaProject initiative, which will level the playing field for Indian innovators in the country.”
The first batch of promotion for the startups will commence at the end of September, and will carry the #IndiaProject logo on Digit’s site and social media, as a way for readers to easily identify #IndiaProject promotional content, so that they can then share within their own social circles as individual contributors to #IndiaProject. 
The #IndiaProject idea is copyleft, as it needs collaboration, and Digit encourages everyone to join them to promote Indian innovation, in order to help build more truly Indian success stories. Digit refuses copyright of the hashtag, the #IndiaProject logo it has created, or even the very idea itself, and actively encourages every Indian media house, influencer or individual to use any part or all of the idea as their own, with no attribution necessary. About Nexus
Nexus is a collaboration between the U.S. Embassy, New Delhi and ACIR to showcase the best of American and Indian entrepreneurship, innovation and technology commercialization. Nexus serves as a central hub for entrepreneurs, innovators, faculty, government agencies, industry players and funding organizations interested in gathering, interacting and collaborating to promote Indian startups and the local entrepreneurial ecosystem. The Nexus Incubator offers selected startups unparalleled access to networks of industry and government partners, training from the top commercialization experts around the world, an extensive mentor network as well as access to both private and public fund managers specializing in supporting startups.
About ACIR
The Alliance for Commercialization and Innovation Research (ACIR) is an American non-profit, 501(c)(3) organization providing consulting, training and program management services in the fields of innovation, incubation and entrepreneurship. ACIR has successfully run entrepreneurship programs around the world including South Korea, Kazakhstan, Russia, Georgia and the United States, with the most recent being the Nexus Incubator and Startup Hub in New Delhi, India.
About #IndiaProject
The success or failure of an idea should be based on consumer reactions, and to this end Digit wants to remove barriers that great ideas and innovations from India might face due to the gatekeepers of information demanding an entry fee that not all startups or entrepreneurs can afford. Through the #IndiaProject initiative, Digit hopes to start a trend where all gatekeepers of the flow of information can nurture the innovation and growth of Indian entrepreneurs. 
About Digit
Digit is India's most popular technology media brand. It was started as a monthly magazine in June 2001 with the tagline “Your Technology Navigator”, and has retained its number one position ever since. Since then, Digit ( has grown to an audience of over 30 million a month across all platforms.