Active Weighing Solutions

Active Weighing Solutions

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Batch Weighing Controllers & Indicators

Batch Weighing Controllers & Indicators

Built using the latest technology there is a batch weigh controller or indicator suited to your production control requirements – whether bulk material feeding, blending, monitoring, mixing, batching or loading. With a choice of Display, built-in or remote Transmitter, built-in or remote I/O, and Panel or DIN Rail mounting options, ModWeigh weighing controllers offer a truly versatile system allowing you to build the optimum arrangement for your application. The Transmitter can be located near the weigher and eliminate “noise” issues. The Display can be located nearby or hundreds of metres away in your control room. The Relay Module with all the I/O and analogue I/O can be mounted in your main control room – saving on lengthy cable runs. Additional features include: Multiple Displays, One Display to many Transmitter configurations, Field Upgradeable Software, USB Data Collection, Configurable I/O and high-speed weighing.

Weighing Applications

Silo and Tank Weighing MW61A

Gross Weighers MW64A

Net Weighers MW64A

Bagging Machines MW64A

Batching In and Batching OutMW64A

In-Process / Batch WeighingMW65A

Loss-In Weight System MW93A

Gain In Weight System MW93A

Impact Weighers MW94A

Belt Weighers MW95A

Weigh Belt Conveyors MW95A

Pivoted Weigh ConveyorsMW95A

Weigh Feeders MW96A

Weigh Feeders Pivoted Weigh Screw Feeders

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