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vessel weighing systems

vessel weighing systems

Active Weighing Solutions vessel weighing systems range from a simple weight monitoring system through to systems integrated with PLC, data logging and other sophisticated plant and remote control systems.

We offer weighing software making is easy for real time analysis and control of the application, whether it be a single vessel or multi vessel integrated plant operation. (For more information see Data Logging and Diagnostics)



Commonly, one to four load cells are installed in a vessel weighing system. The accuracy that can be achieved depends upon the specific characteristics of the vessel, situation and associated constraints.

Note: a three legged vessel arrangement offers the advantage of self-centering. This reduces equipment cost and installation time

Typical Features

Configurations are selected to best meet required accuracy and operation constraints and typically comprise:

  • Weight Indicator

  • Load Cells (1-4)

  • Summing Board

  • Load Cell Mounts with lateral and vertical restraint


Electronic Loadcell Balancing

Load cells teamed with an EMC MW61 ModWeigh Transmitter provide an additional advantage of electronic load cell balancing. Balancing is achieved internally in the transmitter. This removes the need for summing boards and promotes faster simpler calibration.

Weigh Controllers

EMC2060 Weight Indicator

An EMC 2060 Weight Indicator provides the vessel weighing system with a clear weight display, keys to tare and zero the weighing system, key locks to prevent unauthorised operation. Calibration may be done with known weights or by entering loadcell capacity and sensitivity.

EMC ModWeigh MW61A

The EMC MW61 Weigher System is a high accuracy fully digital Weighing System Controller. It has no potentiometers or DIP switches. The basic calibration is done by pushbutton on the unit, or full calibration facilities remotely by an EMC MW99 Weight Indicator. When calibrated remotely, the calibration may be done by entering loadcell capacity and sensitivity which allows the calibration of systems without the use of test weights.

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