Cut and Twist Wrapping Machine

Cut and Twist Wrapping Machine

A.M.P-Rose 750T cut and wrap machines is a versatile cut and wrap machine that is designed for metric standards of wide range of sweet shapes, sizes and recipes. Global market leaders using A.M.P-Rose 750T cut and wrap machines for its added confidence in keeping abreast of changing markets by the easy change of size or style of wrap on this machine.

  • Wrapping style has a double end fantail twist with twist wrapping grades of waxed paper, cellulose film or PVC. The machine can be used with both single wrapper with an understrip, or overstrip.
  • The reel sizes are standard core diameter 57mm and 77mm that can extend to maximum reel diameter 335mm.

The size range for this machine are:

  • Twist Length: 16-84mm
  • Width (rectangles): 11-25mm
  • Thickness (rectangles): 6-17mm
  • Diameter: 9.5 - 17mm
  • The machine speed at maximum is twist 750 per minute.
  • The power requirement for motor is 2.2kW and a heater is 0.2 kW that can be up to 0.6 kW on other versions.

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