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Stretch Wrapping Machine

Stretch Wrapping Machine

A.M.P-Rose 5IST Wrapping Machine is designed to wrap a variety of different shapes and types of sweets, including solid and centre filled hard boiled sweets, chocolates, toffee, and fondants etc.

Styles of wrap in A.M.P-Rose 5IST Wrapping Machine are double end twist wrap, sachet, single point turned under fold and crimp.

Machine Speed is:

  • Up to 400 per minute on twist wrapping.
  • Up to 350 per minute on sachet/cestello wrapping.
  • Up to 300 per minute on fold wrapping.

The output in each case depends on the sweet and the method of feeding.

The reel diameter ranges are:

  • Standard reel core diameter: 77mm (3in)
  • Maximum reel diameter: 305mm (12in)

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