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Club Packs

Club Packs

Designing and the packaging of “Club Packs” is a specialty of Assemblies Unlimited and it is recommended that you only work with contract packaging companies who are familiar with Club Store requirements.

Club packaging specifications have been created by Costco, Sam’s Club and BJ’s, to name a few, and their spontaneous marketing managers make the bull’s eye a moving target for consumer goods manufacturers when it comes to selecting the proper packaging for the Club Store shopper.

We are familiar with the latest trends of these big box merchandisers and can help you from the design level and up when it comes to the food packaging solution that will maximize your sales.

Club Stores require volume selling and there are still several design options when contemplating the best way to package your goods while meeting the store guidelines. These include PDQ trays, large format trap blister packaging, twin packs, multi-packs, value packs, shrink wrapping, date and lot coding, registered print bundle wrapping, stretch wrapping, clam shell packaging and more.

We can manage your club store packaging project full turnkey, supporting front end package design, all material sourcing and complete project management.

Assemblies Unlimited is able to pack anything you require. We will work alongside you and help you build your packaging specification for your club pack project. Thru experience and a sensitivity to deadlines we will guarantee quick turnaround and help you avoid costly packaging mistakes during the packaging phase of your important program.

A relatively new trend in large format blister card packaging for the big box stores is “Cold Sealing”. This is where a customer PVC blister is “trapped” between 2 cards made of fiber, but heat is not required for the 2 cards to seal together. Cycle times can be reduced by utilizing a cold seal card but it can present other limitations in proper sourcing, longer lead times and higher costs. Assemblies Unlimited has the resources and capabilities to handle conventional blister card heat sealing or this newer cold seal process on high speed machinery, all as required.

Club Packs are recognized by a PDQ style corrugated trays which typically have angled sides and an open front for easy access by the shopper. These open PDQ trays as they are called, are often direct-printed with customer supplied artwork and then designed with an “auto-bottom” for swift assembly during final phase of case packing. The completed trays are then stacked in an efficient pallet pattern to allow the consumer to “shop” anywhere from 2 to 4 of the sides according to the Club Store packaging specification.

Assemblies Unlimited can consult with you with proprietary packaging software which uses a 3D model to optimize the pallet cube so all parties know how many units (Club Packs) will fit on each pallet. Truckload quantities can then be calculated so a marketing manager knows the loaded cost of his deliverables from dock to stock.

Let Assemblies Unlimited design, source and assemble your next Club Pack for Sams, Costco or any other Club Store.

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