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Assemblies Unlimited, Inc.

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Contract Packaging

Contract Packaging

Contract Packaging

Assemblies Unlimited has over 27 years of experience with product packaging of retail items and in providing multiple industries with full turnkey Contract Filling, Contract packaging, and fulfillment services.  In our journey, one thing we have learned is that every company that is looking to outsource, whether large or small, is looking for a company that is a specialist in dealing with the full contract packaging supply chain from cradle to grave.

Very few companies can execute on this, but Assemblies Unlimited has become the gold standard in the contract packaging world who gets it!

Thru experience in reducing timelines and building efficiencies into the packaging process, we will be your advocate to make sure packaging mistakes are avoided.  As effective project managers who will work with you on your project starting with the design phase making sure you are using the right materials and technologies to maximize the marketability and overall success of your product at the retail level.

We have a proven supply chain of local packaging vendors for sourcing and procuring materials that can save you money, then we will manage the contract assembly process making sure all your specifications are met until the finished goods are shipped and ready for market.  Assemblies Unlimited provides services in primary packaging and secondary packaging, food and non-food, dry and liquid filling.

Our Contract Packaging Services Include:

  • Food Packaging
  • Non-Food Packaging
  • Primary Filling
  • Secondary Packaging
  • Supplement Packaging
  • Liquid filling (food)
  • Bottle filling (food)
  • Pouching (food)
  • Pouching (non-food)
  • Gummy Bear Packaging
  • Blister Packaging
  • Flexible Packaging
  • Clamshell Packaging
  • Club Packs (non-food)
  • Bottle Filling (non-food)
  • Shrink Wrapping
  • Cello Wrapping
  • Gift Sets (non-food)

POP Display Assembly

Fulfillment Services

At Assemblies Unlimited, we are more than a packaging company. We are project managers who take ownership and are accountable for every intricate detail of your important program. From design to completion, we are 100% responsible for its success – and yours!   While most other companies fall short, we are truly contract packaging specialists, and you can depend on Assemblies Unlimited to provide all the following for your next contract packaging or filling project:

24-hour turnaround on quotes for projects that meet our minimums and capabilities

Front end package design support

Fulfillment and third-party logistics support for projects requiring back-end warehousing and distribution services

Flexibility to change requirements “on the fly”

Full turnkey services for local sourcing and procurement of raw materials to save you money

Multiple locations across the US for contract packaging, contract filling, and assembly to keep projects close

A dedicated inside project manager to champion the details and timelines of your project

An outside sales manager to spearhead the on-boarding of your project and to manage the supply chain so mistakes are avoided

Investment in the partnership thru CAP-EX to support any custom packaging solutions

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