Bossar Packaging S.A.

Bossar Packaging S.A.

Centro Industrial Santiga, C/Can Magí, 2-4,
08210 Barberà del Vallès (Barcelona), SPAIN



Full servo carousel machine to fill and seal pre-made pouches. Pouch feeding by means of a pouch carousel cassette system. A unique pouch handling system consisting in grippers holds them throughout the process. The grippers can be adjusted to a new format size in a matter of minutes by means of the HMI touch screen.

Both the pouch positioner and the grippers that hold the pouches during filling and sealing were designed and registered by Bossar.

The HFS machine BCS fills and seals pouches within a range of 100 x 150 mm. and 300 x 400 mm. It can reach an outpout of 120 pouches per minute and can fill up to 6 liters of product.


Full servo motion

This smart servo-control system allows independent operation between the different stations, offers great reliability and little maintenance.



Sterilization of premade pouches and film from reel by means of an autoclave. Retort machines are suitable to fill low-acidity food like pet food, fish, liquid soups, sauces, gravies, precooked meals, vegetables, pâté.

Mirror machine

Placing one standard machine in front of the other operating the opposite direction makes operating easier and reduces staff required to control them.

Pre-made pouches

Option to fill the different products in pre-made pouches supplied from a pouch feeder with great capacity.

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