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Semi-automatic Pallet Wrapping Machine exp 308

Semi-automatic Pallet Wrapping Machine exp 308

A great addition to any workplace that is wrapping multiple pallets each working day. This reliable unit has brake stretch film control and will return you a 100% increase on your film yield.

1,000m of film converts to 2,000m of wrapping

  • Brake stretch film control delivers up to 100% increase in yield

  • One touch auto or manual control

  • Soft start & finish

  • Adjustable tension control, turntable speed & carriage speed

  • Emergency shut down button

  • Trouble shoot screen display

  • Turntable homing position

  • Adjustable wrap counts

  • Height detection sensor

  • 3 pre-set controls

  • Performs great with stretch wrap films from the bravu range

  • Easy access to after sales support, spares, service & maintenance

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