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Table top poly Bagging Machine t-275

Table top poly Bagging Machine t-275

The t-275 automatic poly bagger offers increased packaging speed with its automation quickly feeding the bag into the loading/sealing position and blows it open making the bag ready to accept the product. After the product is inserted press the guard switch or foot switch to complete the bag and move the next bag into place.

  • Touch screen operator panel

  • Solid constant heat sealing bar

  • Easy to use temperature controller

  • Patented Teflon shield increased Teflon life ten fold

  • Guard switch operation- cycles the machine in the loading area to minimise operator movements, decrease operator fatigue and increase output

  • Foot switch included

  • One year parts warranty

  • Patented anti jamming method detects seal obstructions and reverses sealing bar when encountered.

  • Universal loading funnel included

  • Air knife quickly opens bag with clean air

  • Adjustable support shelf for heavier products

  • Easy film load

  • Runs with our app pre opened bags on roll

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