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Twin Print Packing Slip-Shipping Label Printers

Twin Print Packing Slip-Shipping Label Printers

FOX IV Technologies’ patented

TwinPrint® System streamlines the entire shipping process by eliminating the costs and expenses of separate shipping labels and packing slips.

Efficient: By utilizing two print heads, the TwinPrint® system prints both the shipping information and a confidential packing slip on a single label. The shipping address is printed on the top label; the packing slip is printed on the label liner. The liner is die-cut such that it remains with the label and provides a protective secure adhesive perimeter around the label.

Once applied to the package, the packing slip information on the printed liner remains confidential and provides tamper-evident protection during shipping. The packing slip is accessed by simply tearing a zipper strip.

Effective: Because the shipping label and packing slip are printed at the same time, on the same media, shipping and order information is matched. Therefore, waste and return costs are significantly reduced.

Sustainable: By eliminating the need for a separate packing slip and plastic sleeve as well as repurposing the label liner, the TwinPrint® system reduces the waste stream and enables a greener operational environment.

Flexible: Available for standard sized two-sided labels, 12” extended length two-sided labels, and with printing technology options.

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