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Bottle Unscrambler

Bottle Unscrambler

Bottle Unscrambler


We offer a fully automatic plastic bottle unscrambler (Posiflex and Nseries) with a pre-feeding system, suitable for all kinds of rigid plastic containers of various shapes and sizes. Speeds can range from 50 bpm to 300 bpm. Higher-capacity models are also available. Our unscramblers are designed for quick changeovers (accomplished in a few minutes) and durability resulting in less downtime. All the unscramblers can be upgraded with the ability to change production lines without buying new machinery or training new personnel.Designed for all industries: Pharmaceuticals, Personal Care Products, Foods, Chemicals, etc.



  • Adjustable Selectors and funnels that can be adapted to new bottles in a few seconds
  • Versatile series, it is suitable for an infinite number of bottles
  • It does not require new selectors or funnels to adapt to new formats
  • Format change is done wither by switching a button or manual operating handwheels in less than 5 minutes

N series:

  • Format change by simply plugging and unplugging the new Selectors/funnels
  • Appropriate for any type/size or shape of bottle
  • Appropriate for industries where format changes are limited in number
  • Format change requires change in selectors/funnels


Containers are randomly dumped into the supply hopper where they are gently deposited into the rotary re-feeder bowl on demand.

As the pre-feeder turns, the containers are single-filed and sent down an adjustable slide chute where they enter a 'Stand up Unit' that orients bottles to an upright position.

Models are available that can automatically invert, ionize, vacuum, clean and stand up the bottles onto the conveyor.

Once upright, the containers exit onto a take away conveyor for the next downstream operation.

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