F1 Flexographic Printing Press

F1 Flexographic Printing Press

COMEXI F1 is used for flexography printing with a central drum and it is designed for working with long runs and large repeats. Included with advanced technical solutions, this flexo printing machine helps to print at high speeds in tantalizing design environment. It has more capacity to dry and proffers faster pressure control and ergonomics accessibility.

On the other hand, our flexographic printing press is integrated with a robot capable of automatically manipulating all the sleeves that intrude in the printing process PC, intermediate, Anilox, and is fully integrated into the process.

The automation process would be maintained by the robots and the work through sleeves and the process becomes safer if this press is used. The Fl printer meets all the demands of flexographic printer suppliers and it has high demand in the flexible packaging industry due to its cost-efficiency, customization and high productivity.

Advantages of using COMEXI F1:

  • Steadiness
  • Ergonomic Control Panel
  • Inking Control
  • Easy sleeve extraction
  • Robustness and quality


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