F2 MP Flexo Printing Press

F2 MP Flexo Printing Press

The Comexi F2 MP is extensively used in the flexible packaging sector for the retail and wholesale channel in order to satisfy the printing needs. This press shares the patented FLEXO Efficiency concepts of ergonomics and accessibility as well as the performance and robustness of the rest of the Comexi F2 range: Comexi F2 MB, Comexi F2 WB and Comexi F2 ML.


  • Better Performance
  • Best dying performance
  • Reinforced design for the printing
  • Maximum speed f up to 500 m/min for runs

The improvements of F2 can be managed and monitored through Comexi Cloud software. It facilitates clients to understand their data and processes. This software is the fastest and easiest way to analyse production. Using this tool, companies can use industry 4.0 and understand the processing of their data ensuring optimal decision-making. 

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