Filling Line Isolators

Filling Line Isolators

The future of aseptic or toxic production belongs to the advanced isolator technology. It offers the smallest and safest clean room technology in the market today and opens new dimensions in production safety and cost reduction for the pharmaceutical industry.


Advantages of isolator technology

  • Increased product safety by reducing the risk of contamination with no direct contact between operators and product.
  • Providing good decontamination options with environmentally friendly and easily broken-down hydrogen peroxide is one of the significant advantages from advanced isolator technology.
  • Lowering of investing- and production costs by minimizing sterile space, through saving of time in crossing boundaries and gowning procedures as well as lower gowning requirements and its cleaning and sterilization.
  • Advanced isolator technology increases productivity by extending operating and machine running periods without influencing the clean room quality and product safety.
  • Simple and reliable transfer unit.

Groninger is consistently focused on developing aseptic filling with its filling and sealing machines for the pharmaceutical industry.

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