Syringe Filling Machine

Syringe Filling Machine

Groninger has perfected itself in the entire process of packaging pre-sterilized syringes in the nest, which it helped the manufacturer for designing standalone special machines and development of fully automated processing line for pre-sterilized syringes in nest that includes four significant systems including Opening system for aseptic outer packages, Removing the cover foil and fabric inserts, Filling and closing machine and Reject discharge system to deliver an output around 60,000 units/h.


The decisive factors helped Groninger succeed in the market with technical expertise and consistent implementation of innovative technologies. Packaging pre-sterilized syringes process implemented with customer needed requirements not only fortified its Nested Syringes but flaunted its years of experience.


Creativity, flexibility and productivity. These are the strong ethics adhered at Groninger for fast, economical and consistently customer-oriented solutions. Planning is not solely conducted in isolated production steps but always as part of the total optimized manufacturing process. By far providing high-performance, multifunctional concepts in which optimally matched components precisely complements one another.


The customer acknowledges Groninger’s professional project management to be a reliable partner with overall responsibility for supplying the right product. This is particularly the case for complex turn-key solutions. Groninger offers outstanding perspectives in global competition.

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