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Bottom front back side

Bottom front back side

Bottom-Front-Back Sides

Sticker Labeling Machine

Cutting Edge Technology 
Machine with smooth finishing

The Bottom-Front-Back sides sticker labeling machine is exceptionally easy to utilize and very simple to keep up. This gear has an intense tempered steel body, including the principle outline. It likewise incorporates a various name apportioning unit for applying marks on the front, back, and bottom side; of round, square, rectangular, oval, or some other formed containers, bottles, or holders. This straight hardware is essentially used to mark huge size bottles, compartments, containers, boxes, batteries, and so on.

It has a most extreme labeling velocity of 60 items in a single moment dependent on the size of the items just as the name. The bottom and front & back sides sticker labeling machine consolidate the most current microprocessor-controlled system for administering marks; just as an easy-to-understand detecting system for names and items. Besides, this novel model of the sticker labeling machine has an exceptional single point and all-around synchronized system to control the speed. It even has a coordinated system for identifying the length of the names; henceforth you at this point don’t need to physically information and store the data identified with the length of the name into the memory of the machine and furthermore recovering similar subtleties each an ideal opportunity for changing the size of the names, just as for restarting the machine.

This complex system consequently empowers the clients to save their valuable time and diminishes the general expenses, additionally forestalls down the season of the machine, and even expands the efficiency. Indeed this current bottom and front & back sides sticker labeling machine have all the fundamental qualities of a standard machine; and furthermore meets the different requirements of the clients in the current market, locally just as worldwide. Other than this it is likewise exceptionally appropriate for online inkjet and contact coding systems; and in any event, for incomplete and full fold over, and for cover labeling.

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Specifications & Features 

  • Separate engine for a singular activity like bootle partition, wrapping name, gadget, transport speed 
  • Separate AC drive for singular activity 
  • Compact and easy to understand Machine 
  • Wheel type Up-down development framework 
  • Castor wheel for machine development. 
  • No Label Data Input/recoveries need for any Label Size. 
  • No Change Parts for Product and Label size. 
  • Virtually maintenance free machine. 
  • Easy to change mark application stature. 
  • User-Friendly Label Placing Adjustments. 
  • Suitable for On-Line Inkjet and Contact Coding System. 
  • Suitable for Partial Labeling 
  • Built-In A.C. Variable Frequency Drive System
  • Completely Stainless Steel Finish including fundamental machine outline

Product Applications 

Self-adhesive sticker labeling machine for plastics bottles, glass bottles, tin containers, packaging bottles, drugs bottles, perfume bottle, tin holders, jerry can, HDPE bottle, corrective jug, dropper bottle, plastic cosmetics container, oil bottle, vial, pesticide bottle, pet plastic containers, plastic jerry jars, plastic jars, makeup holders, pet plastic jug, Aluminum bottle, cleanser bottle, plastic bundling can, tablet holder, metal bundling items, round holder, compound jug, plastic dropper bottles, pet holder, bundling container, plastic restorative jug, plastic vials, cream container, beautifying agents cream container, aluminum jars, pharma pet jugs, dry syrup bottles, container bottles, wine bottle, wide-mouth bottle, stockpiling bottle, paint compartment, drinking bottles, plastic syrup bottle, plastic oil bottle, drugs plastic jug, bundling can, square jug, refreshment bottle. medication bottle, Aerosol jars, blow shaped compartments, eye drop bottle, pill bottle, milk bottle, medication container, metal tin, square container, latrine cleaner bottle, composite can, Nail clean container, latrine cleaner bottle, pet restorative jug, nectar container, sauce bottle, homeopathic jugs,  bundling tin, lager bottle, polypropylene bottle,  fluid blue jug, hdpe can, sweet shop plastic containers, corrective bundling holder, hued plastic jug, ldpe bottle, ointment bottle, cream compartment, plastic bundling tube, plastic medication bottle, round tin, bath powder bottle, plastic cream container, plastic oil holders, Acrylic container, plastic paint compartment, compound plastic bottle, level jug, paint jars, treats container, plastic coolant bottles, blow formed jugs, homeopathic plastic jugs, phenyl bottle, substance jars, glass oil bottle, twofold divider container, Essential oil bottle, mouthwash bottle, sauce holder, liquor bottle, stone glass bottle glucose bottle, round and hollow jug, lube oil bottle, glass jam container, printed bundling tube, oil examining bottles, plastic container bottle, clean jug, plastic pill bottle labeler machines. 

Bottom, Front, Back sides sticker labeling machine utilized in numerous businesses like Pharmaceuticals, Food bottle labelers, Edible Oil, Dairy, pesticides, Distilleries, Lube, Breweries, Cosmetics, Toiletries, Etc.

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