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Top Side Labeling Machine

Top Side Labeling Machine

Unique And Advance Technology

Provides Solutions To Your Labeling Process

Top Side Labeling Machine is known by various names in the market and is quite important for the business as well. The Top Labeler Machine is widely used in various industries and is highly user-friendly. The packaging in Pharmaceuticals, Cosmetics, Chemical, Food, Beverage, Pesticides, Gifts, Agriculture, Personal Care, FMCG, Electronics, and many more industries require a machine with effortless and smooth labelling. Our Top labeler machine serves the purpose. It is a self-adhesive labeling machine that is small, handheld and easily portable to apply labels on products with tops of different shapes. Linear Top and Side self-adhesive Labeling Machines that are mostly used in various packaging objects like box, envelopes, bags, food trays, cartons top surface labeling are also available.

The design and manufacturing of the machine can be done as per customer requirements. The frame of the machine and the coverings are made of stainless steel which makes the Top labeler machine sturdy and long lasting. The machine is capable of directly labeling the product and the paper on the top of the product as well. It has sensors for product and paper labels. The conveyor belt moves from left to right while labelling. These machines are made up of non- proprietary electronic components and programmable drives demonstrate operational simplicity, reliability and proven cost savings.

The Top Side Labelling machines are combined with other functionalities. The machines are available for two and three side labelling as well. Top and Bottom side labelling machines and top, front & back side labelling machines are cost-efficient than a single side labelling machine.

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Specifications & Features : Top Bottle Labeling Machines

  1. Product suitability: Round Bottle/Round container (Upto 1Ltr.)
  2. PLC based control panel.
  3. All motors variable speeds with HMI.
  4. Body & Structure made of SS:304.
  5. Wheel & Leveling pad assembly attached with machine.
  6. Label dispensers with Servo motors (Make-Panasonic)
  7. Motor Gear box- MGM Varvell/Bonfiglioli (Speed control with VFD).
  8. Sensors- Make Leuze electronics/Sick.
  9. Label dispensers with Stepper/Servo motors (Cost diff. 25k)
  10. Motor Gear box- MGM Varvell/Bonfiglioli.
  11. Sensors- Make Leuze electronics/Sick.
  12. All live parts enclosed with SS covers.
  13. Conveyor- Length approx. 5-6 feet (Plastic slat/SS slat).
  14. Compact & Robust Structure, simplified operation, Low

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