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Front Back Top Side labeling Machines

Front Back Top Side labeling Machines

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Three Sides Labelling Machine for Bottle

front, back, and top sides labeling machines are widely used in industries like food, pharmaceutical, and cosmetics. These industries require a wide range of labeling on their products like round, flat, oval, square, top, security seal as required. Self-adhesive sticker labeling machines have a unique single point that includes synchronization of a speed control system and flexible multiple drive application. The three sides labeling machine for bottles has an in-built automatic label length detection system. This eliminates the need of feeding the label-length each time you change the size of the product. This feature helps you save your precious time, reducing the machine down-time, and helps you gain greater production in a shorter amount of time. You will have a user-friendly experience while working with the machine. Though, an automatic vertical bottle label applicator provides the greatest user-friendly experience. SERVO or sophisticated Microprocessor Control Label Dispensing system is incorporated in the labeling machine along with a user-friendly sensing system for all the labels and products. This makes it easy for the machine to stick labels on the flat bottles. Overall, the machine can label 300 bottles per minute, though it largely depends on the size and volume of the bottle as well.

The front, back and top labeling machines used for flat bottles or jars are suited for products made of Glass, Plastic, Aluminium, PET Bottles of the distillery, food, pharmaceutical, and cosmetics industry, mineral water, FMCG products, and pesticides having bigger label length and height. There are three labeling dispensers available on the head of the machine. The labels required in the machine must be self-adhesive sticker labeling rolls from having consistent 3mm gaps between the two labels. The material of the label used is self-adhesive chromo paper labels. The label roll outer diameter should be a maximum of 300mm and the label core ID should be 75mm. The label dispensing ID could be +1 or-1. Belt type-based top conveyor is the container holding unit in the labeling machine. The working height of the machine is 850mm. The length of the conveyor belt used in the 3 sides labeling machine for bottles is 8 feet. The approximate weight of the machine is 350 kgs. The material used in the machine’s main base frame is either mild steel or a stainless steel 304. Though, the machine coverings and product contact parts are purely made of stainless steel. The conveyor belt is generally made up of rubber, but for the heavy materials, it might be made up of stainless steel as well.

Front, back, and top sides labeling machine are widely used in industries manufacturing Pharma Syrup, Dry syrup, Honey, Edible Oil, Lubricant Oil, Hair Oil, Shampoo, Phenol, Fruit Juice, Ready to drink juice, cosmetics, talcum, bleach powder, herbal powder, Ayurveda powder, wine, liquor, electrical components, dental products, adhesive glue, rubber adhesive, etc. The machine is also useful in printing self-adhesive sticker labels in roll form, printed Shrink Sleeves, and Duplex Cartons.

Specification And Feature

  • The machine stops the system with an alarm as soon as the label roll is empty.
  • Special Label Sensor for sensing transparent film labels that do not have any sensing mark on them.
  • Contact coder, Hot foil coder, HP cartridge coder, and inkjet coder are the options available with varying speed ranges.
  • Machine stop system with an alarm if the label is missing in a roll.
  • Acrylic or toughened glass safety cabinets are available.
  • Machine status or operation is looked at using tower light.
  • Special sensing machine that checks missing labels on products.
  • Pneumatically product rejection system operated online
  • Vision system with OCR to check to code on labels.

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