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Geus automatic machine

Geus automatic  machine


The Geus automatic machine is designed to fill and close plastic and laminate tubes by hot air (Geus P) or aluminium tubes by folding (Geus K).

A special version of the machine is able to fill and close both plastic, laminate and aluminium tubes (Geus PK).

Machine can be used for filling of liquid, creamy or pasty products by means of a volumetric dosing or gear pumps dosing systems.

Automatic system is equipped with tubes hopper and orientating device by means of a photocell. Closing jaws are equipped with exchangeable coins to mark a code, date and batch in a weld.

The basic features

  • strong frame of the machine with stainless steel 304 F covers
  • adjustable anti-vibration legs
  • 10 - station cup holder rotary table plate
  • mechanically powered main drive housed in the machine frame, all bearings used are “first class long life”, special treatment inside the machine to avoid any oxidation problems and facilitate machine cleaning, overload protection of main drive
  • water resistant lockable cabinets are placed inside the machine frame
  • indexing turntable by cam system for transferring tubes from the hopper to filling and closing station and other sections
  • pneumatically powered volumetric filling cylinder fabricated from pharmaceutical/food stainless steel AISI 316 L, filling volume fluently and easily adjustable by handwheel equipped with scale
  • pneumatically operated rotary valve for use with a wide range of liquid viscosities
  • pneumatic closing of the filling nozzle
  • no-tube no-filling control system
  • hot air heat seal system for closing tubes (Geus P, Geus PK))
  • unit for cutting the top of the weld for the perfect design of the tube end (Geus P. Geus P,K)
  • aluminium tubes closing system (Geus K)
  • automatic tube ejection of filled tubes with sliding tray
  • stainless steel control panel on movable arm with start, stop, emergency stop, heating temperature controller, switch for automatic/manual function and control lights
  • Unitronics PLC controller, which enables to control different functions of the machine
  • air chamber protecting the machine against variation of air pressure
  • tubes counter

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