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Micropack PRO Bagmatic

Micropack PRO Bagmatic

Micropack PRO Bagmatic

Horizontal wrapping machine with extended sealing time and reel holder from below for polyethylene film. Exceptionally rapid format changes make it ideal for small production batches. The machine immediately changes format as soon as the new pack data is entered, and no further action is required of the operator.

Suitable for both heavy and delicate products.

Product range

Length: from 75 mm

Width: from 40 to 180 mm

Length variation range: 25 mm


Up to 60 pack./min



  • Reel holder from below for reels up to 400 mm wide.
  •  Universal forming unit adjustable using a hand-wheel.
  •  Feeder conveyor belt 2200 mm in length.
  •  Longitudinal sealing unit adjustable in height, with rubber wheels and teflon coated belts coupled with heated pads.
  •  Long sealing time transversal sealing unit with 250 mm sealing bars driven by pneumatic cylinders.
  •  Independent axes motors.
  •  PLC with Imanpack user interface.
  •  Machine built according to CE Standards.

- Automatic feeder system.
- European hole punch.
- Labelling and printing machines.
- Gas supply system.
- Print centering photocell.

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