Horizontal Packing Machine

Horizontal Packing Machine

Servoflex Pba / Pbb Horizontal packing machine


Servoflex Pba / Pbb Horizontal packing machine is a flow - wrapping machine that works with the smallest and simplest flow-wrappers to the most advanced and high-tech electronic models. This horizontal packing machine, reverse reel holder, suitable for heat sealable films. The machine comes with


  • Conveyor belt with pushers for product's feeding 2500 mm long and 300 mm wide with stainless steel top
  • Bottom film reel holder up to 600mm wide
  • Universal forming tunnel with manual adjustment in width
  • Cross sealing jaws with sealing jaws up to 350mm width adjustable in height
  • Fin seal unit with two pre-heated wheels, two sealing wheels and two folding wheels
  • Safety guards in plastic material with safety switches
  • Transport belt under the sealing wheels to carry the product to the sealing jaws
  • Exit belt 900 mm long
  • Servo motor control fro 4 driving motors
  • PLC with Imanpack operator's interface
  • Pneumatic components

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