Child Resistant Packaging

Child Resistant Packaging

Children are curious by nature and are unaware of the danger stored by products and substances. They use their sense of touch and taste to discover the world around them and as such we have a duty to protect them, morally and legally.


Every year we are witnessing toddlers and young children being hospitalized or die through the ingestion of pharmaceutical and chemical products and substances. The child resistant packaging is the last defence against this and so must be as well designed as possible. Each year over 10,000 European children continue to die from various reasons but accidental poisoning is the third leading cause of unintentional injury deaths in the European region and is responsible for approximately 3000 deaths per year. 


Child resistant packaging has been developed in order to prevent that children get into contact with the contents of a bottle etc. that contains poisonous substances. There will never be 100 per cent safety, as adults should still be able to open the packages easily and quickly. When a package is designed and then manufactured for these sorts of products it is typically tested in accordance with the child safety legislation in existence.

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